Our Community of Caring

A loose confederation of non-profits, churches, schools, youth groups, community groups, agencies, individuals, and businesses working together to create a more caring, more sharing community.

Our Community of Caring was started in 2015 by a few individuals at the Hobart United Methodist Church who believe that we could bring our community – upstaters and downstaters, farmers and villagers, young and old – closer together in a more caring, more sharing way.

We knew that there were already many good organizations doing good work, so we created this collaborative to learn more about each other, to help each other, and to combine our resources to meed needs that were not being addressed.

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 4pm, the location rotates among our members. Minutes are shared by email and are detailed enough to keep up if you can’t attend. All are welcome to join in!

Each project has it’s own facebook page as well as this website.